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Through the many changes to e-commerce and delivery, LaserShip has continuously adapted to ensure we always provide shorter transit times, more flexibility and lower costs than our competitors. Thanks to this proactive approach, we’ve grown to be the largest regional last mile carrier in the country.

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Our Mission

Fast & Reliable Delivery for Every Package, Every Day.

Our Values

Prioritize Safety
  • We are responsible for our safety and the safety of others within our community.
  • We prioritize well-being by taking the time to care for ourselves by resting, recharging, and using the support resources that are available to us.
  • We speak up when we see the need for improvements and won’t perform unsafe work or ask others to perform unsafe work.
Show Respect
  • We are champions of diversity and inclusion, fostering a supportive culture of mutual respect where all employees can thrive as their authentic selves.
  • We listen to learn. We act with empathy and understand different perspectives add value.
  • We approach problem-solving as a team sport.
Honor Commitments
  • We do what we say we will do.
  • We stand behind what we promise and keep our commitments.
  • We celebrate our achievements.
Operate Efficiently
  • We work to improve and persevere in continuously solving complex problems.
  • We make financially sound, fact-based decisions.
  • We act with urgency.
Foster Relationships
  • We serve and are responsive to our team members, customers, partners, and communities.
  • We are a catalyst for positive change in the workplace and our communities.

A Little History About LaserShip

1986: Laser Courier is Founded

Remember the ‘Domino’s 30 minutes or it’s free’ campaign that helped catapult the pizza chain to success? When LaserShip (previously Laser Courier) was founded in 1986, a few friends set out to be the best document delivery business in the Washington, DC metro area. To stand out amongst its competitors in a highly-fragmented industry, Laser Courier appealed to businesses with a similar ‘15-minute call-to-pick-up’ campaign, accomplished by having delivery drivers strategically located throughout the city and poised for action. Speed and unparalleled service would contribute to LaserShip’s success for many years to come.

1999: Barnes & Noble Becomes LaserShip’s First E-Commerce Customer

Laser Courier unveiled lasership.com and began doing business as LaserShip to explore last-mile deliveries for this thing called e-commerce during the dot-com boom. With a new name and online business in tow, LaserShip set out to sign on Barnes & Noble as its very first e-commerce customer to provide last-mile book deliveries in New York City. Although LaserShip maintains its cornerstone business delivery services until today, LaserShip decided to shift gears and focus its growth in e-commerce. Today, Barnes & Noble is still a LaserShip customer. The rest is history.

2000: LaserShip Launches Global Critical Delivery Division

LaserShip expanded its service offerings by starting its Global Critical Delivery (GCD) division, providing air and ground delivery solutions for critical aviation and medical shipments. While LaserShip’s e-commerce and business deliveries are limited to the US, the GCD division provides delivery solutions around the world. In 2018, the GCD team made over 2,500 life-saving organ deliveries and helped get more than 14,000 airplanes off the ground, back in the air, and to their final destinations.

2014-Present: LaserShip Acquires Prestige Delivery Systems

In 2014, LaserShip acquired Cleveland-based Prestige Delivery Systems, nearly doubling the company’s footprint and team. Today, LaserShip’s last-mile ground delivery network consists of more than 60 distribution centers and 4 sort centers across 23 states that reach over 140 million consumers in the US. LaserShip has evolved into a leading provider of same-day and next-day delivery services in the Eastern and Midwest U.S. for e-commerce and product-supply businesses, including some of the largest retailers in the world.

Careers at LaserShip

Careers at LaserShip

Come join good people with good hearts. We are a diverse team of individuals from multiple countries and cultures, creating a welcoming workplace that intends to bring out the very best in each of us. Every position is designed to support a world-class customer experience.

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Serving Our Communities During Times of Need

Serving Our Communities During Times of Need

LaserShip has more than three decades of last-mile delivery experience and a history of providing critical support through in-kind delivery services, logistics and transportation consulting, volunteer time, and financial contributions.

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