Track Your Package

Popular FAQs

If your package is marked delivered but you cannot locate it,  please submit an inquiry after tracking by choosing “Tracking shows delivered; no package”.  This will open an investigation for the package.  Then check your email for more information on the investigation process.  If you’ve already placed an investigation and it’s been more than 2 business days with no updates or package location, please contact your retailer for next steps and further assistance.

When a delivery is marked as “attempted” it means that the package was loaded onto a vehicle, but we were unable to deliver it to the final destination. This could be for several reasons, including issues with package safety, the delivery address, or accessing the delivery location. If you’re disputing that a delivery attempt was made, we apologize.  Please take a moment to check your “ship to” address on your retailer’s website.  If there are any corrections or additions like delivery instructions or access codes, please submit an inquiry after tracking by choosing “Add Delivery Instructions to Order”.   You package should be attempted within 1-2 business days. We’re unable to make same day reattempts.

If your package is delayed, we are working to deliver it safely and soon.  If tracking only shows  “LABEL CREATED, TRACKING DETAILS WILL BE AVAILABLE ONCE THE PACKAGE ARRIVES AT THE LASERSHIP FACILITY” that means your package has not been received by LaserShip for delivery.  Generally, if your status has not changed in 3 business days, please reach out to your retailer for assistance.

For security reasons, your retailer will need to approve changes to your delivery address. Please contact your retailer.

If you have delivery instructions to add to your order please submit an inquiry after tracking by choosing “Add Delivery Instructions to Order”.    This is the best way to communicate instructions to our team and driver.  Please note that if your package is out for delivery, the instructions may not be available until the next delivery attempt within 1-2 business days. (If you’re trying to change your address, please contact your retailer - see below for more information)